DC’s Foggy Beef Bruschetta

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Foggy Beef BruschettaHappy Friday Foodies! One of my favorite things to do on Friday night is enjoy a nice bottle of wine and cheese board or some bruschetta. It was then that I thought to myself, what would be better than giving you the readers a few easy to prepare ideas for your own Friday night bruschetta! Over the next several weeks I will share 4 different recipes. The great things about these recipes is not only will you have the specific recipe but they will also give you flavor pairing ideas that you can take and go your own way! This week’s recipe is my favorite of the four, Roast Beef, Humboldt Fog Bleu Cheese, and Horseradish.

Enjoy What You Eat!


DC’s Foggy Beef Bruschetta


  • Baguette (sliced on the diagonal into slices about ½ an inch thick)
  • ¼ lb roast beef sliced thin
  • Small wedge of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog (you can use any bleu cheese but this is our favorite)
  • Minced horseradish (you can use creamy style but we used plain)
  • Onion microgreens (for garnish)
    A Note about quantities: Bruschetta is mainly prepared to personal preference and if you are making more than one type you may use more or less of the baguette


  • Slice bread diagonally into ½ inch thick slices.
  • Spoon horseradish onto the slices.
  • Take a small piece of roast beef and roll it so it is about an inch wide and 2 inches long. Place this on top of the horseradish.
  • Cut the Humboldt Fog into pieces that are slightly smaller than the roast beef and thick enough to not fall apart but not so thick as to dominate the flavor of the bruschetta. Place on top of the roast beef,
  • Garnish with microgreens.

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