Today Disney has released more information about the changes coming to The World Famous Jungle Cruise. One of these big changes is the addition of a new character, Alberta Falls. Granddaughter of famed Albert Falls of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., Alberta Falls is the “owner, manager, bookkeeper, and head mechanic of the Jungle Navigation Company” says an interview she did in 1938. That’s right, there is more to learn about the Falls family beyond what has been heard aboard the Jungle Cruise through the years at Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

This isn’t all there is to learn however about the additions coming to the Jungle Cruise. There will be new humor, more wildlife, more “skipper heart” along with new characters coming to this classic attraction in Adventureland. There will also be new scenes for guests to experience and skippers will continue to create a humorously unique adventure for guests aboard the Jungle Cruise. In fact, the humor of the skippers is going to be amplified! This will start with the discovery of a trapped safari party who are stuck in a tree after their adventure becomes a misadventure. As is often the case, the jungle and the animals in it will always get the last laugh.

Today though, we share a bit more about Alberta Falls. This comes from an interview she did with The Daily Gnus about her and the Jungle Cruise. Take a look at it below!

What do you think of this added story element to the Jungle Cruise? Are you excited about these additions? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!