Mondo Partners with Disney to Release Exclusive Magical Apparel, Collectibles and More in 2019 and Beyond

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We can never have enough Disney merchandise! We're excited to announce that Mondo, the collectible art gallery based in Austin, TX, has paired with Disney to make some really neat collectibles! There is so much [...]

Don Cheadle to Voice Donald Duck in Disney’s DuckTales!

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Donald Duck is getting a new voice. At a San Diego Comic-Con panel focused on DuckTales, it was announced that Don Cheadle will be voicing Donald Duck. For the first time, the series will be [...]

Classic TaleSpin Character Coming to DuckTales!

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A classic TaleSpin character is making his way to DuckTales. If you don't want to know any spoilers, don't read below the following DuckTales photo! **SPOILERS** There were many iconic characters found in TaleSpin when [...]

DuckTales Destination: Adventure – Home Entertainment Review by Mr. DAPs

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DuckTales originally came to TV screens in 1987. Now, thirty years later DuckTales is back! It is just as full of adventure, history, mythology, and humor as ever. Scrooge McDuck (David Tennant) is back with [...]

DUCKTALES: WOO-OO! – Mr. DAPs Home Entertainment Review

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Scrooge McDuck and his nephews are back! In this new DuckTales dvd, nothing seems to be going particularly right for Scrooge, Donald, and the boys. However, they discover that family really is the key to [...]